J.S. Goldstein Funeral Home & Monuments, Inc. strongly believes in the values of taking care of the deceased. This even extends to being the helping hand to the loved ones left behind with customizing our services to the needs and wishes of your family and loved one. J.S. Goldstein Funeral Home & Monuments, Inc. leaves “no stone unturned” and takes care of every detail at your time of need.

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Honor the passing of a Jewish loved one appropriately. Shiva.com, the resource for Jewish mourning, carefully blends centuries-old religious traditions with modern-day customs to help support, communicate, and mourn. Shiva.com offers educational and shiva planning tools, grief support, and traditional ways to provide comfort such as sending shiva platters.

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Jewish culture is filled with rich traditions and customs. National Jewish Memorial Wall, a memory sharing platform dedicated to honoring and commemorating family legacies, helps ensure that family and Judaism remain relevant in our modern world through the sharing of family artifacts and stories. NJMW.org provides your family and friends a gathering place to collect, share, and comment on pictures, recipes and memories.

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